Welcome to donate.playipredict.com

You must be an appointed officer/person of your club to start a playipredict.com fundraiser.

Step 1: Contact Us clicking on the above link.

Step 2: You choose what sport you want your Play iPredict fundraiser to involve and what time frame you want the competition to run for. We currently have Gaelic Football, Hurling, Premier League and Airtricity League on Play iPredict. You also choose how much the entry fee is.

Step 3: You will get a sign up link that you can share with your members and your members can share that out for anyone to join and support your club financially. When people sign up they will automatically be sent an entry link to their email address.


We can also supply you with entry links for your club members to sell in person and they pay with cash or over Revolut and message the link to people who paid.
(We strongly advise you have a TOP 3 or TOP 5 finishes seller prize)

Step 4: People predict the outcome of the games in your competition and the person who is top of the table wins and the club gives the prize to them, you can have TOP 3 prizes or whatever works best. Prizes are organised by the clubs exclusively.

Step 5: Start another competition.

We advise that you get local Garda clearance as it is your clubs fundraiser. iPredict is the host of your game. You can organise your own sponsor's or Co-sponsers for your competition to raise further funding as many clubs have businesses that are eager to help them.